Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are you Prepared?

So as I'm packing up for my big trip out East, and gathering all my Eldar for what I'm sure will be the battle to end all battles at Wallshammer's place this weekend, I got to thinking: Do I have everything?

What I mean by that is: My Dice, my tape measure, my templates, my tokens and counters, my objective markers, my rulebook, my codex, my Apocalypse book, and obviously my miniatures.  Well lucky for me, I not only have all of that, but I have it all in one place: In my miniatures bag.  Not only that, but there is a copy of Cities of Death, Planetstrike, Apocalyspe Reload, my Apocalypse templates, my vortex grenade template and now, the full rules for Spearhead (print-offs for the formations and the White Dwarf with the rules).  I'm also sporting my full army list and the FAQs for the Eldar and the main rules.

Now don't get me wrong; this is a lot of stuff.  My bag is more rulebooks than minis almost.  But I know that I am prepared for any game, any time, anywhere.

One of my pet peeves is gamers who don't have the proper tools to game.  The worst offenders I find are the people (out here anyways) that play at Games Workshop.  No rulebooks, no army list, I'm thankful they have dice and a tape measure.  The worst of it was back in 3rd edition, going their and playing some kid who didn't have any of his rulebooks, nor a printed list, and somehow, strangely, his Daemon Princes seemed to have every upgrade possible.  Easily 300 points worth.  My most regular opponent does this too.  He games at my house, and since I am always prepared with my tools, he doesn't bring his and just uses mine.  That irks me.

To me, it's common courtesy to be prepared.  I feel that having everything I need to game ready to go, I am telling my opponent that I want him to have a good game.  That I don't want to bring the game to halt by arguing over a rule that I can't show him.  That I don't need to borrow dice, or counters or whatever because I'm ready to go.

Now of course the counter-argument to this is indeed that it is getting to be a lot of kit.  Many books, a big pile of dice, all the counters, etc...  This game has got to be one of the hardest to transport games out there.  I have transporting my Eldar down to a science; my Orks though... not so much.  No mortal case can contain the might of my Orks! 

And though my Orks may arrive to the battle in carboard boxes and empty lunch trays, I still always make sure the things I need to make the game run smoothly are there.  Maybe it's from 20 years of being a Dungeon Master, but one of my biggest concerns is that everyone at the table is having a good time.  And to me, that means being prepared.  

What do you guys think?  Are you prepared?


Wallshammer said...

Alot of people in our club need to read this!

Hell, alot of people period.

It made me think more, for sure. I have been seeming to forget something everytime lately... but never dice! Makes me wonder how I forget any of it. Why does it even leave my bad?!

Doompickle said...

Ya, I have a set bag to carry all the dice templates etc in. I even go as far as having some extra equipment in there in case someone needs something to borrow (as long as they give it back! lol).

I have only played in our own gaming club and everyone is pretty good to lend out something once in a while but if it becomes a habit... ;)

See ya Sunday man!

Green Feevah! said...

I'm with Doom. I have my Eldar bag pre-packed, even when I'm at home. It has everything I need to game (except Battle Missions, which has been sold out when I've tried to pick it up. These GW 'pocket stores' out here are terrible.) If I didn't put my Eldar in my display case, I'd be ready to game anywhere 24/7.