Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Friday, September 3, 2010

500pts... try it, it won't kill you... probably.

Let's take a quick look at our normal point levels.  Locally we play 1500 and in the wide world of internet gaming, that's small!  I think it's the PERFECT size game.  Lots of models but not an overspam of them and quick to play.  However... what if we played even smaller games?!

But here's a task for all of you (STOLEN DIRECTLY FROM FRITZ~!)... come up with 500pt lists and play them.  See what happens when you can't field your super character and his accompanying super unit.  See how your army plays without 6 artillery pieces, 4 chimeras and 15 meltas.  Without thunderwolf spam.  Can't field 14 vendettas?!  OH NOES!  (exaggeration intended)

Yes, I know, you can't field your autowin army.  But try it.   See what happens!  Hell, post your 500pt lists in response to this and get some discussion going.  It's not a BAD thing to play small games.   You need to think just as much.  You can play more games in a night.  You carry bag is smaller!  It's really easy to field a 500pt fully painted army!  Come on... do it!


Wallshammer said...

I will get it started! Here's a few lists for armies I am starting or would like to possibly start. 500pts is such a FANTASTIC way to get into the hobby.

Chaos Space Marines: I already have a bunch, all Khorne themed, so might as well start with that!
Chaos Lord: Power Weapon, MoK
8 Berserkers
10 Chaos Marines: Plasma Gun, champ with powerfist

Space Marines: Tried and true!
Librarian: Avenger and Gate
10 Tactical Marines: Flamer, ML, Rhino
9 Marines: Rhino, Sgt w/ melta bombs

Eldar: If only for the challenge of painting something so colorful
Farseer w/ Guide
3x5 DA's w/ Exarch (Bladestorm)
6 Harlequins

Chaos Daemons: My newest army. So hard to play.
Herald of Khorne: Juggernaut
8 Bloodletters
6 Daemonettes
10 Horrors: Bolt

I am not thinking any of these lists are super optimized, but all have units I really like.

There, now the ice is broken.

Kraylen said...

I've just gotten my first 500 points of orks painted up and I'm having a great time with the small games.

I'm fielding:
HQ: Wierdboy, warphead upgrade

Troops: 30 shoota boyz with a nob with PK, 11 grots with runtherd

Heavy: 3 Killa Kans with rocket launchas

The wierdboy is really there just for fun and because I like the model. So far he hasn't been terribly effective. The army has done reasonably well so far. Opponents that can deal with the Kans haven't been able to touch the boyz, and if they can deal with the boyz they generally can't deal with the kans. Good times all around.

I've been really enjoying playing small games for a change. It's presenting an interesting tactical challenge. Good times.

Wallshammer said...

Orks are the KING of 500pt games if you ask me. No one can deal with their numbers.

Court said...

And therein lies my issue with the smaller games.

Low point, enmass armies will always do better as the higher base point models cant deal with the war of attrition.

I see the point of the exercise, try the game without the hard combos or tried and true methods but i think this can be done if the players really want to.

Green Feevah! said...

500 point games are all about boyz before toyz. It's a great way to learn the basics of a new army. But the key is to keep you and your opponent on the same page. If you're bringing tactical marines and he did min core to bring a pair of tanks, it's over before it starts. However, if you both do a minimal HQ and heavy troops, you can both get a good feel for you army without it being TOO one-sided. I'm not saying it's perfect, but with a willing opponent it's a great way to learn a new army.

Wallshammer said...

Hell yeah. It's about learning at that level.

And sure, you can take a unit of 30 orks, but can you weather 2 tactical squads shooting before getting into assault?

I think it's a good exercise to try. It's not something that should be a regular occurence but it's a good way to get started on a new army or help someone get started on theirs.

Otherwise, play 1500. It's the perfect pt level for 40k.