Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Island of Blood and new Fantasy releases

Normally I'd save this kind of post for Wallshammer, but I'm pretty darned excited about this, as a High Elf player and all.

For those of you who don't know (which I'm hoping isn't many of you), Island of Blood released on the weekend, with the best snap-together starter minis GW has done yet.  But they weren't finished!  Monday they released pictures of the new plastic High Elf elf kits and the new metal character blisters.  On top of that, there is another wave of Skaven coming soon (signs point to January) to flesh them out even more.

Pictures after the break:

New Plastic Dragon Princes
New Plastic Phoenix Guard
New Plastic White Lions

New Metal Prince
New Metal Warlord
The new metal lords are character from the Island of Blood "setting".  The Prince on foot is the same Prince riding the Griffin from the Island of Blood set and the new Skaven Warlord is a new character from the same battle.

Also, come January (or whenever), the Skaven are rumored to be getting Weapon Teams (in plastic!), a Hellpit Abomination (in plastic), several characters and bitz for making sling-toting slaves.

So Deathbridgers, what do you think?  I've included a poll to get a sense of where the interest is, and I'd love to see some discussion about these new minis.  Wallshammer and I have been discussing which army will be the "breakout star" of 8th edition.  Walls has stated that High Elves will be the new Space Marines.  I personally think that High Elves will start strong, but their elite, all-or-nothing style will turn off a lot of gamers who will then see that Skaven are one of the strongest armies out there.  What do you think?


Wallshammer said...

Yeah, all those models are so insane. I am sticking with my high elves being the fantasy space marines. Easy to get and really good models.

And while I voted neither in the poll, I am starting an army for my fiance. So... I will probably end up with Skaven. :)

Green Feevah! said...

And I'm sticking to my stance. High Elves have a much steeper learning curve and are way less forgiving. TONS of people are going to start them, excited about the models and the low-model count of the army, but they'll get turned off because High Elves need a lot of planning to win.

So I'm expecting a lot of High Elves for sale in about six months, and the demand for Skaven models going up.

There is of course the third option that not everyone is going to start these armies. They are a little niche, certainly not as popular or mainstream as Empire, Orcs or Chaos.

Court said...

I agree i think the fire will sizzle out soon.

For starting armies i would think the worse two would be nearly Skaven and High Elves hehe.

Very tricky armies to play with.

Wallshammer said...


Easy. A ton of troops for next to nothing... huge hordes of them. Then fill the rest with ridiculous weapon teams, wheels and HPA's. Add in some stupidly good cheap characters. Blammo. Easy math.