Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An introduction

Hey denizens of the warp!

I was thinking about it, and with the arrival of this new blog i figure a bit of an introduction was in order.

On this page i go by the name Schwagg, so i guess you can call me Schwagg. I have now been in and around the game of warhammer for closing on eight years now. I began the game when i was introduced to it by a pair of my friends while I was in grade seven. For the next two or three years i only played the game on and off with friends or when i could manage to make it down to my local hobby shop. I only ever played a few games at the old hobby shop before it renovated, but needless to say my experience in the hobby took off after the new shop opened.

Now 5 years later later i'm what i would like to think of as an accomplished player, painter, and hobbyist. My personal army tally rests at five with Space marines (Salamanders), Chaos Space Marines (Thousand Sons Legion), Necrons, Tau, and Lizardmen for Fantasy. As many will attest to not all my armies are highly functional because i am a fluff player. I live and breath warhammer for the fiction behind the game, and at times i can be a bit of a fiction nazi. When i choose an army and the way i play its because of the fluff. I run a pure fluff Thousand Sons army and i don't win all that often with it, but i love it because of the fluff behind it.

My other passion that was previously seen is building terrain. In the near future when i manage to remember to bring my camera around to the hobby shop i'll document all my previously built terrain pieces. Presently on my table which i am working on are three pieces with which to expand the set of desert terrain i have made. I have a set of dead trees to represent a forest on the board (so my kroot of my Tau have somewhere to hid in this terrain set :P), a desert overrun imperial city block, and a desert excavation site. I promise i'll post up some pictures of these as they come along.

Well, thats a little about me and where i come from in this great hobby of our, until next time!

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