Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warmachine Primer 3: Hobby Supplies

It's been too long since my last article, but things get busy; you know how it is.

This will be the third installment in my Warmachine series, this time all about the hobby products that Privateer Press sells for both games.

Let's start with the paints: This is where PP products really shine. Having owned both the full st of GW and the PP paints, I honestly prefer painting with the PP paints. Overall, the colors are more consistent, the paint flows smoother and price can' be beat. Many of the PP paints are VERY similar to GW paints (color tone-wise), just named differently. You'd probably struggle to tell the difference between the colors on a model. Where they differ though, in price and ease of application, it becomes quite noticeable. You can buy individual pots of paint, or you can buy them in army-themed packs of 6. However you buy them though, most places I've seen sell the PP paints at 25% less than their GW counter-parts. And in terms of application, I'm sure all of you have horror stories of applying reds and yellow to models with GW paints (barring the foundation paints). With the PP paints, you'll find that not only do those colors go on smoother, but the richer pigments mean less layers to get an even color. Are they perfect? No. Some of their colors are still runny, but not nearly as bad. But I'm not going to do nothing but sing their praises. I prefer the black-capped, hard-top GW paint 'cans' to the PP pots, as I find them less messy. Make of that what you will, but overall, PP produces a slightly better product for a way better price.

The rest of their hobby supplies, more or less, are identical to most retail products of the same type. Files, pinning tools, glue and clippers are exactly what you'd expect: more expensive than buying them at the hardware store, since you're paying for the name. The pinning tools come with proper sized rods for pinning, and I found that to be a nice touch, but not a deal-maker. Their super-glue is pretty much identical to the GW glue. Modeling putty (green stuff) comes in black and white instead of blue and yellow, but is otherwise identical as well.

They also publish a training DVD on how to paint like a pro. I have not seen this video, but I know the PP studio has some of the best painters on the planet (Mike McVey!), so I'm sure it's top notch. If any of you have seen it, please let me know how it is.

There are 2 area where PP products break away from the pack though: their brushes (which are outstanding and I highly recommend you try them) and the wet palette. For those of you who have never used a wet palette before, it is a FANTASTIC product. Esentailly it is a tray with a sponge on the bottom. You place a sheet of special paper over the sponge (which should be damp but not soaking wet) and apply your paint to the paper. It keeps your paint wet longer, allowing you to blend colors more easily and to keep painting longer with a single color. This product can be a key item in taking your painting to the next level. Much like the brushes, I strongly recommend you try them.

If you've never tried a different companies products before (and let's face it; a lot of us haven't. GW has been the only game in town for a very long time), Privateer Press products are DEFINITELY the products to try. Grab a wet palette, some brushes, and a box set of their paint and give them a try. You may never go back to GW products (especially their brushes!)

Oh, and finally, though this is a little off-topic, but for those of you who Roleplay, Privateer Press also publishes Iron Kingdoms, a 3.5 D&D campaign setting set in the world of Warmachine. They are not making any new books, since D&D moved to 4th edition, but it is an exciting setting for those of you who play. Check it out!


Greg said...

I have to second the P3 paints. I love them compared to the GW paints. I still like GW Foundation and Washes but I'm slowly replacing my regular GW paints with P3.
I haven't tried any of their other products, maybe I should try out their brushes.


Wallshammer said...

Awesome article, as usual, for a very good game. I encourage more people to give this game a try. I've been playing Khador quite often lately and am really digging the system.