Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Sunday, April 18, 2010

8th Edition Fantasy Cover revealed!

Yes, that is a twin tailed comet. Look for 8th Edition Fantasy to be released in July!

I must admit, I am actually getting caught up in the hub-bub a bit. The rumors I really hated seem not to be true. Time will tell, but in the meanwhile time to get my Empire going! How about you? Are you excited? Hating it? Sad? Don't care?


Court said...

It's like Sigmar threw up on a cover and thats what they went with. Not a fan of it is the general idea i am tring to get across here.

I really hope 8th can fix the un-balance of the Fantasy codex's. Too easy to 'Death Star' and wipe people out.

I also need something to get me to finish one of my 3 Fantasy Armies hehe.

Wallshammer said...

Yeah, not a fan of the book at all but unfortunately, I think I may be buying it instead of the starter set. I am not sure High Elves or Skaven really interest me. It, of course, would depend on the models. High Elves... MAYBE. Skaven, no.

And I think 7th is a fantastically designed system. I think the books wrecked crap. It's like they were written just to play certain eras against each other
Orcs/Empire/bretts/Wood Elves/Ogres/dwarves... older books all around the same level
Then suddenly Daemons/Vampires/Dark Elves could practically only be played against one another, anything else would die.
And now the new books: Skaven, Lizards, beasts... all around the same power level, in between the other groups.

Very, very bad editting and quality control on GW's part.

spookymancer said...

What an odd looking cover.. but that is the least of my worries. I think I fall into the category of I want to see a big change in fantasy but I hope it is not a complete muck up.

I do like some of the rumors.. magic before movement,changes in the magic system..( more supportive spells).

Others not so much.. the horde rule is awful and pretty useless lol

but I am hopeful and would love to play my new beastmen and my goblins again.

Green Feevah! said...

lol Warhammer with jetpack FTW!

Green Feevah! said...

Seriously though, I'm pretty keen about 8th ed. The thing to do, I think, is to start a painting league to gear up for 8th. Maybe once you guys are done your escalation league for 40k.

Also, I'm sure Wallie talked to you guys about a 12-hour painting challenge, but that might be a good way to kick things off. I know I want to do that to finally get some progress on my woefully neglected Orc and Goblin army.