Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where did you go cover saves that aren't 4+?

We all do it. It makes set up easier, takes away discussion (read: arguments) during games and simplifies everything. Each and every piece of terrain will be a 4+ cover save.

A wall? 4+

A building? 4+

Hiding behind troops? 4+

Rubble? 4+

Whatever happened to the 5+ and 6+ saves from barbed wire and fences and shallown trenches and craters? It seems to be an element we all forget to do, that can add some strategic value during a game. Do you risk travelling to better cover or hunker down where you are?

Secondly, for discussion, does anyone actually use the rule of "If you can't decide, go one less." with cover saves.

Person A: "I'd say that's 4+."
Person B: "There isn't much there, I dunno."

Instead of arguing black and white, yes or no... go 5+. It's a small tiny rule in the book no one seems to use, myself included. Terrain could be so much more fulfilling and varied. What are your thoughts on this?


Crechum said...

Last week I was reading through the rulebook when I came across those rule. I had always wondered why we had never really used either of them.

Hondor said...

I do. quite often i will say, it's hit or miss. 5+ it? also have used for the swamp to call it 5+

The majority of the terrain we have is designed around a 4+ cover save. So that's why (i don't use the razorwire much(read ever))

Schwagg said...

i've done that once or twice where there was some debate about the quality of the terrain so instead of giving nothing, we opted for a 5+ or a 6+ instead. Most of the time the reduced save still does not benefit my shooting and i get screwed anyways o.O

Green Feevah! said...

If you look at most of the terrain produced by GW, it is 4+ terrain. The Cities of death ,the Bastions. They haven't really provided any 'lower tier' terrain support. So I think most people just ignore it.

That said, I have never argued down someone to a 5+ save. But I play pretty casual. If you think it's a save, I think it's a save.