Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Monday, April 12, 2010

Building an Escalation List

Our local club here in Deathbridge is currently in the midst of a very entertaining escalation league for 40k.

We had a very simple growth system of 1000-1500-2000 over 3 consecutive months. I pose this question to the readers. When you build an army, how do you go from 1500 to 2000pts?

I figure by 1500 you have the base. Your solid core of troops for capturing objectives. Your HQ. A tank or two. The last 500 seem to be to add the really snazzy stuff or really powerful stuff. I think the clubs last 500 will be spent on tanks and such for the most part.

At 1000, for my guard I had a platoon, command squad, vets in a chimera, a couple sentinels and a tank. At 1500 I added another squad, another heavy weapons team, a valk and a medusa for more artillery. Of course, there was some reshuffling within the list. Going towards 2000 what do I do? Add yet more tanks and start filling the 2000pts? Maybe a Hydra or a vendetta? More guys to add to the 50 or 60 foot sloggers?

How do you build up your army from point level to point level? Let's hear it!

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