Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From the Den: A Bad Day at the Office

Was flipping through some things in the goold ol blue box. No not my TARDIS but my computer and i came across this little tidbit.

Now what we have here is a classic match of my 6th Co. Ultras against another memeber's Deathwing. So there's my Venny, locked up against another Venny with not the best outcome.

Everyone talks about see'ing the impossible in this game. Firewarrior killing a Carnifex in close combat, open topped Sentinel taking 96 dice rolls against it in close combat and still surviving i think 4 rounds of comabt etc etc.

But what about those times that give ya the good ol slap the forhead knee jerk reaction? I mean you could throw your dice against a wall, start getting pissy or even start complaing how shitty the new rules and/or codex is but why?

Why not enjoy the 'game' for what it is, a game to be enjoyed.

- Got any funny stories of 'oh my god eyse rolling lmao' moments?


Schwagg said...

i remember when i was at the Octocon Tourney in Calgary and one of my dice landed and stayed standing on its corner, this was not a flocked table, nor did it have a static grass mat. Me and my opponent just stood there in mute awe for moment to dumbfounded to say anything! i had pictures of it at one time...

Wallshammer said...

I really love those moments.

Me and Doompickle were having them in our last game. His big bad dread kills 2 heavy weapon teams without breaking a sweat. My Company Command Squad dies to the commander. Easy pickings.

Nope! He lasts 4 rounds in COMBAT with the dread!

Or my 10 man infantry squad, no powerweapons, no powerfist, taking a charge from Berserkers and not only surviving but winning.

Of course, we only remember the good things. I've had a single model roll over my army too.