Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Monday, April 19, 2010

Your must-have-but-everyone-else-hates unit

We all have them. The one unit we adore that the internet community hates. You see it. The list-builders refuse to acknowledge their existence except when they feel the need to mock their inclusion in other lists. The cons outweight the pros much like a planet does a feather.

"Why take X when there is Y and Z in the same FoC slot!? That's insane! You'll never win with those!"

But still you take them. Still you make sure you include them in your army despite what every one else says. And sometimes? Sometimes that unit saves the day or turns the tide in spectacular fashion. Then it's all worth it.

My unit.

The lowly Ogryn.

Oh how these are bemoaned! Why take Ogryns?! Why spend 40 points on a model with a 5+ save? Why take them when you can take Psyker Battle Squads!

Why? Because they are awesome. That's why. Without even taking stats into account, they are big giant abhumans with no brains and lots of muscle. They're so stupid they actually need to put limiters on their guns or they will randomly empty the clip. And they make that gun sturdy enough to be a club.

Now, game wise there are all sorts of reasons, at least for me, to take them. Yes, they have a crappy armor save but let's take into account the two main ways to use them

1) Drive by's
2) Assault

Drive by's were a by-product of me using them. They sit in a chimera, which has 5 shooting spots. All 5 shoot, unleashing 15 Str5 shots a turn. Not bad! Really, that makes them as good or better then a normal 10 man bare guard squad (discounting heavy weapons).

However, where they REALLY shine in my Catachan list is in assaults. They are Furious Charging S5, T5 models with 3 wounds and 3 base attacks. So, on the charge, my 5 man unit is doing 21 Str 6 attacks on the charge. HELLO! yes, again, armor 5. They die to powerfists like mad but that powerfist has to live... and that powerfist NEVER autokills them. Ever!

The other reason to take them? They are a big target. They are big ass, intimidating models. I even put extra care into painting mine to make sure they got attention! And they do. I put these babies on the field and people pay attention!

But you go on the internet and tell people you run Ogryns, you'll get laughed at.

So... what unit of yours do people laugh at?


Green Feevah! said...

Shining Spears, Swooping Hawks, Dark Reapers...

Full ten man squads of Dire Avengers.

Not taking as many transports as possible.

No Seer Council.

I could go on.

Wallshammer said...

I guess I could chime in on other units I've played in the past:
Sisters of Battle: Death Cult Assassins. They frankly suck... but I still took 'em!

People also laugh that I take a Commissar Lord and put him (and a priest) with the Ogryns. They usually don't laugh after one round of combat.

Court said...

I've been playin that same combo since codex release Walls, love it.

Just remember the priest don't work with no Ogryn but him and the lord re-rolling their powerfist weapons is tits.

Khorneguy said...

for fantasy, it's always DE Executioners for me. They're widely maligned for even daring to share a special slot with Black Guard. I've lost tracvk of the amount of times i've been told i'm never gonna win with them.

40k it's ork flash gitz, but Ork Pirates in Space are just too good an idea for me to pass up!

Court said...

Orks + Priates = Win