Deathbridge Warhammer

Deathbridge Warhammer

Friday, April 23, 2010

Death Company!

Death Company. We all know these guys, and we all hopefully love them. How couldn't you love these crazed, angry, homicidal-suicidal maniacs! So why not do a review of the unit?

Where to begin? Special rules? Alright! So to begin these guys are Fearless, have FC, FNP, And Relentless. So in short they have all the benefits of a Sanguinary Priest without needing one, plus they are Fearless which just makes sense. Now when I first saw that they were relentless it kinda made no sense to me. Then I remembered that they can take a bolter instead of a bolt pistol. So rapid-fire to soften them up, then charge to finish them off! And you can still give them a power weapon or the like! Now me, I don't like losing that extra attack, but that's just me. I would only give a bolter to a dude with a power fist. He's not getting that extra attack anyway.

One down-point to these guys is the Black Rage. Having Rage means they have to move towards the nearest enemy. So they are in effect totally uncontrollable. Except when you put them in a transport, which for the current trend towards mech, really isn't a hard thing.

The one problem I have with putting them in a dedicated transport is that they can't take Lemartes. Lemartes is an upgrade character to the DC meaning he can't be singled out in close combat. Being a Chaplain, the DC gets to re-roll to-hit, and t0-wound. The thing about taking him is he has a jump pack built into his unit entry so he can't get into any transport short of a Stormraven. So you can either give the DC an upgrade character but open them up to manipulation by a crafty opponent or put them in a transport and lose the character of awesome.

All in all I think these guys are totally worth it! All those special rules, WS 5,and the fear factor, all for 20 points a model! What isn't to love about these psychopaths?

-So tell me, what do you think of the Death Company? Jump packs or transport? How have you kitted them out? What is your opinion on Lemartes

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Wallshammer said...

I am definitely thinking that with the Black Rage, the rage rule, you don't want them with Jump Packs. Keep them mechanized or have a huge blob of them. Being able to move 12 with jump packs makes them really susceptible to being drug around.

But with Relentless I'd be slamming bolters on them and sending them into the fray!